Angela Rushing

A veteran of the beauty industry with over 30 years of experience in the salon and on both sides of the camera, Angela boasts a vast and varied client list comprised of top level entertainment executives, actors, executive producers, directors, CEOs, writers, tech industry giants, extreme athletes, entrepreneurs, health and wellness coaches, busy working parents and the like.  Having worked in top-level salons, namely Fred Segal Salon in Los Angeles, as well as freelance work in Chicago and in New York, Angela engages an overall approach to beauty that is much more than skin and scalp deep. Her philosophy is to focus on total body/mind wellness and encompassing health, nutrition, fitness, spirituality and empowerment, with a specific emphasis on anti-aging.   “Many of my clients have been with me for over twenty to twenty-five years and I have seen them through marriages, children, divorces, deaths, as well as many other huge and often stressful life changes. We all age, and it’s become my mission to help my clients shift into these different life phases gracefully and beautifully from all perspectives.  My strengths are in recognizing the beauty and power that exists in all people, and it’s my focused intention to help bring those out whenever and however I can.”  In addition to her work in the salon creating beautifully crafted haircuts and colorings for women and men, Angela is an entrepreneur, author, speaker, blogger, connector, team player, world traveller, adventurer, athlete, health and fitness enthusiast, birth mom, animal advocate and seeker of freedom and truth. Angela gets the most joy in helping people find their inner beauty and power so they can shine in the world. She is also an excellent smoothie maker!